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Test items Shenzhen Huasheng Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in: 3C certification, FCC certification, ROHS certification, explosion-proof certification, quality inspection report and CE certification

About Huasheng test

Fair, honest, accurate and fast

Shenzhen Huasheng Test Technology Co., Ltd. is a third-party testing and certification organization integrating testing, certification, inspection, factory audit guidance and other technical services,··· ...

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Four advantages

Authoritative and experienced

Focus on certification for many years
have successfully served thousands of enterprises
serve customers all over the world

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Faster cycle and faster certification

Optimize the product structure and quality in advance and quickly layout
complete the test and obtain the certification certificate in a short time
the rectification package saves 2-30 days

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Cost effective and cost-effective

Quick quotation is the most favorable and cost-effective in the same industry
self built laboratory saves 20% of the cost for customers
the quotation is clear, the price is reasonable, and the commitment is not to mix water

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Worry free after-sales, one-stop service

Customer service one-to-one professional service
provide consultation and guidance at any time, online 24 hours
lifelong certificate renewal and maintenance to solve the worries at home

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LFGB是德国《食品与日用品法》的简称。其前身是LMBGLFGB是德国食品卫生管理方面较重要的基本法律文件,是其它专项食品卫生法律、法规**的准则和**。近年来也有所修改,主要是和欧洲标准相匹配。法规对德国食品的方方面面做了总的和基本性的规定,所有在德国市场上的食品以及所有与食品有关的日用品都必须符合它上面的基本规  [详情]



LFGB又称《食品、烟草制品化妆品和其它日用品管理法》,是德国食品卫生管理方面最重要的基本法律文件, 与欧盟指令1935/2004/EC 类似.。法规对德国食品的方方面面做了总的和基本性的规定,所有在德国市场上的食品以及所有与食品有关的日用品都必须符合它上面的基本规定。  [详情]


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